The Fun Home

Playing outside might be one of the fondest childhood memories for most of the adults but now days they are not carrying this tradition for their kids. Spending time for playing is important for kids as that helps with the mental and physical development. Doing exercise or physical activity helps children to manage weight, control […]


Are you a super parent?

Being a parent is the most interesting at the same time the most difficult role a person can play in their life. Everyone want to be the best parent for their kids but it takes a lot of struggle to become a good parent who care and guide their children. Here are some small tips […]

Anna's Birthday Party, Picture By Keith  #SMC #SweetMonkeyConcepts

Come let’s learn to play!

Every parent will agree that learning is something absolutely must in a child’s life. Then what about play? If this is asked to parents most of them will not have a proper answer. Parents always want their children to be at top in academics but they always forget that playing is also important in a […]


No Excuse for Exercise!

Every one of us want to be fit and healthy and we are ready to do anything for that. As adults we have choices to adapt lifestyle which includes physical activities but when it comes to children they are getting less opportunities for physical activities in schools. Most of the teachers and parents are not […]

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