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It’s All About The Kids

Teach them well & let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they posses inside.

Best In The Biz

Funshalla is a place where kids have absolute fun. It’s all about the upbringing of kids in the traditional way but with the modern touch.

Funshalla is only kids play zone in mumbai who provides all the activities to fill their world with the knowledge and touch of the same. Even the atmosphere of Funshalla will help the children to become healthy physically as well as mentally. When kids play with other kids they learn to interact with others and also learn to work as a team. Usually when children play they feel a sense of freedom which helps their brain to develop faster. Playing outside helps children to understand the nature well. Slowly they will start learning from nature. Outdoor activities not only help children to become healthy but also help in their social and emotional development.

Happiness is watching Kids play without any Gadget
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Socks are compulsory