No Excuse for Exercise!

Every one of us want to be fit and healthy and we are ready to do anything for that. As adults we have choices to adapt lifestyle which includes physical activities but when it comes to children they are getting less opportunities for physical activities in schools. Most of the teachers and parents are not aware of the fact that reducing the opportunities of children to be physically active could have negative impacts on children. Physical activities will help children to strengthen their body muscles, heart and also helps them in brain development. It helps them to manage stress and concentrate more on studies.

Researchers found that children who are physically active can score good marks in academics compared to physically less active children. Being part of physical activities help children in their social and emotional development. Physical activities help children to be more focused on what they are doing. It can also boost their memory cells. Doing a physical activity in regular basis helps to become physically and mentally fit. So Children, what are you waiting for? Find some physical activity that you enjoy then get up and do it!