Come let’s learn to play!

Every parent will agree that learning is something absolutely must in a child’s life. Then what about play? If this is asked to parents most of them will not have a proper answer. Parents always want their children to be at top in academics but they always forget that playing is also important in a child’s life. When it comes to child development learning and playing is like both sides of a coin. We can’t opt one and leave other. When learning makes children to understand things around the world through playing only they are practicing the things which they understood from learning. Play allows children to relax and helps them to reduce the stress that comes to them from academics.

When children play they practice decision making skills, discover their own areas of interest and ultimately make a passion for what they are doing. It makes them focused in life and makes them to achieve great heights. Playing is especially important in helping the language development of children as through playing they communicate with each other. When children play they learn how to cooperate and solve problems comes to them. Play can mold children to great leaders. So next time when your children ask you permission for playing don’t hesitate. Let them learn, let them learn to play!