The Fun Home

Playing outside might be one of the fondest childhood memories for most of the adults but now days they are not carrying this tradition for their kids. Spending time for playing is important for kids as that helps with the mental and physical development. Doing exercise or physical activity helps children to manage weight, control blood pressure and improve brain development. Here comes the role of Funshalla!

Funshalla is a place where kids have absolute fun. Funshalla is all about the upbringing of kids in the traditional way but with the modern touch.Funshalla provides all the activities to fill their world with the knowledge and touch of the same. Even the atmosphere of Funshalla will help the children to become healthy physically as well as mentally. When kids play with other kids they learn to interact with others and also learn to work as a team. Usually when children play they feel a sense of freedom which helps their brain to develop faster. Playing outside helps children to understand the nature well. Slowly they will start learning from nature. Outdoor activities not only help children to become healthy but also help in their social and emotional development.

Funshalla provides  Pottery, Basketball, Etiquette, Adventure games [Skating, rock climbing, air balancing etc.], Sand play, Maths, Science, Phonics, Puzzles, Soft play, Soft Ball Pool, Barbie zone, Bird & Fish Zones, Creative games and block games etc.

In today’s generation children does not have a healthy food habit.  Most of the children now prefer to eat junk food which leads them to have various diseases. The kid’s canteen in Funshalla offers healthy and tasty food for children and make sure that your children is growing healthy. Research has shown that children who eat healthy food and play outdoor activities regularly are happier, healthier and stronger when compared to other children. The party hall available at Funshalla is a wonderful destination for hosting the kid’s parties/events. Funshalla makes all the arrangements for the party whether it is a big birthday party, a school group, or a small play group event.

Funshalla aims to mold children in such a way that they will become more active, healthy, social and intelligent through a set of fun activities. Here children are getting an opportunity to learn new skills and it also helps them to be more focused in life.