Are you a super parent?

Being a parent is the most interesting at the same time the most difficult role a person can play in their life. Everyone want to be the best parent for their kids but it takes a lot of struggle to become a good parent who care and guide their children. Here are some small tips and tricks which help you to become a super parent!


In each and every day spend some time to talk with your children. In today’s busy life most of the parents are not having enough time to spend with their kids. That shouldn’t happen. Spending time with your children makes you understand the way they are thinking and understanding things and the way they are growing. Always talk to your children about the society and your family. It will make them aware of the things happening in their surroundings. Likewise let your kids talk about what they want. Sometimes it may be about their friends, school, teacher, favorite cartoon, dreams etc. Whatever it may be let them talk. It gives them confidence when they came to know that their parents are always there to understand them. So, always talk to your children.




Most of the parents talk to their children but only a few will listen to their children. It is really important to listen to children because that is how they express themselves. Some parents thing that children will always talk about silly things. That is not correct. Actually by listening to them you understand their views, thoughts and dreams. That is how you understand their world. So, always listen to your children.


During weekends or holidays try to play with your children. Find time to play the games which they are interested in and not the ones which you want them to play. Try to introduce them good games which help their brain development. Through games teach them the importance of team work and the value of time management. Later these values will be the bases when they build their own life. So, always play with your children.


Every child is different. Each and every child has their own talents. So don’t compare your child with anyone else. Rather than that, try to understand the talents of your child and try to encourage him/her on that. When your child faces difficulties help them to overcome that. Hold their hand when they walk through the paths of life and make them believe that you will be always there for them. So, always understand your children.


Everyday find some time to take a look in to what your children are learning. Share tips and tricks which help them study well. When they got to know parents are monitoring their studies they will try to perform well. Rather than just teaching from the text books try to teach your children about our society, culture, nature and all. That will help them to acquire more knowledge on various things. So, always teach your children.


Treat your child as an individual and show love and respect towards them. Likewise teach them to treat others like this. Give them small responsibilities and when they try that appreciate their effort. When you make decisions related to them try to find out what is their interest on the same. Considering them as an individual will create positive impacts on them and this will make them grow as good individuals. So, always respect your children.


Every day try to make your children read something or you just read for them by making them sit next to you. Let them enjoy the magic of reading. When your children achieve something try to gift them books that will make them fond of reading. Reading helps to develop good communication skills in children. Books are the windows through which children will see the world. So, always develop reading habit in your children.

Play the perfect role

Depending on various life situations a parent has to play different role in front of their children. Be the guide when your children lose their way in life. Be a friend when they celebrate life. Be a Mentor when they need an advice and after all, be a good role model for your children. So, always play the perfect role for your children.

Try these simple tips and tricks then, you can also become a super parent!