Play. Eat. Repeat.

Leave your Kids Gadget Free.

Play, Eat & Have fun

Smile from your heart and say

Its FunShalla, everything is fun here!

Slide into a world of Happiness!

Sand Play

Do your kids spend too much time indoors playing with electronic devices?

Are you wondering how to get them outside to experience the wonders of nature?

Toddler Zone

Kids 3 years-old and younger have their own play area Who can have fun at Our separate Toddler Zone, it is perfect for your toddlers who may still be a little unsteady on their feet.

Workout zone

Build a passion for fitness early. treadmill, Cycling and fitness exercises help your kids increase strength, motor skills and coordination.

Adventure zone

Funshalla is simply the most breath taking children’s indoor adventure zone in Mumbai.It is a complex of Rope climbing, Wall climbing and packed full of challenges.

Socks Are Compulsory

Why FunShalla

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    Foam pool @Funshalla
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    Slides @ Funshalla
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    HDFC Cricket Tournament @funshalla Sportz
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    Football Tournament @ Funshalla Sportz
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    JWPL Tournament @ Funshalla Sportz
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    Chess Tournament @ Funshalla Sportz

Healthy Food @ Time Pass Cafe

Healthy eating can help children maintain a healthy weight, avoid certain health problems, stabilize their energy, and sharpen their minds.

Picture By Keith ( )
Picture By Keith ( )

Fresh Snacks

Fresh Snacks @ funshalla brings you peace of mind for meeting the nutrition requirements for the kids.

Kids Recipe

Some best healthy homemade kids recipe easy to make.

Healthy Shakes

Fresh shakes can be an easy way to nourish your body with essential nutrients

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Socks are compulsory